Family of firefighter involved in multi-vehicle car crash

A Florida firefighter, his wife and his infant daughter are all currently hospitalized due to a serious multi-vehicle car accident that happened in Keystone.

The violent ordeal began when a vehicle ran through a red light and collided with the side of another vehicle that was in the intersection. That crash set off a chain of collisions that, in the end, involved four vehicles.

The firefighter and his wife were taken to the hospital with severe injuries, while their young child suffered life-threatening harm. An additional two victims suffered harm in the crash and their conditions are not known.

This tragedy highlights the problem a previous post here recently discussed concerning the problem of red light running throughout the United States. As more drivers allow distractions to cloud their focus and drivers make dangerous decisions to operate aggressively while behind the wheels of their automobiles, more victims will suffer serious harm, like this family, from individuals who fail to stop when they are required to do so.

With all three members of this family suffering significant physical trauma, they will face a difficult road to recovery. The costs of their medical care may become exacerbated as they are unable to get back to work to support themselves. The recuperation and support that they may require while they heal may cost more than they are able to pay. Victims of motor vehicle accidents like this one should not be left to cover the costs of losses they did not cause themselves to suffer. They may need to get more information about their legal options.