Study finds running red lights is on the rise

During childhood, many Florida residents learn to associate one color with the action of stopping: red. That is because the familiar octagon-shaped stop signs that punctuate roads and streets throughout the country are a bright red hue, and so are the traffic lights that shine red to indicate that it is time for drivers to stop. Red lights and stop signs are important to keep drivers and others on the roads safe, and when drivers fail to slow and stop when they see red indicators, they can put themselves and others in the path of harm.

Just recently, a study was completed that offers alarming news regarding red lights and accidents. According to the study, running red lights is on the rise and has been for the last decade.

As the number of people running red lights has increased, so, too, have accidents associated with failing to stop. In fact, fatalities from running red lights are increasing from year to year, and some believe that red light running may be a result of distracted driving. Distracted driving occurs when drivers let their focus shift from driving to other activities, such as sending text messages or emails or making phone calls.

Car accidents can be violent, painful experiences for victims. Many motor vehicle accidents are preventable, such as those caused by distracted drivers or those that occur when drivers run red lights. Negligence and other legal theories may be used to pursue damages through a lawsuit when victims suffer losses in car collisions.