What are the roles of the Florida DMV?

The DMV in Florida plays many roles in the lives of state residents, as well as those visiting the Sunshine State. There may be many times when you will find it beneficial to contact the agency. It educates the public on traffic laws, issues licenses and license plates and provides guidelines on how to act in many situations.

The DMV Florida website has a page that outlines responsibilities and actions to take in the case of an accident. If you hit an unattended vehicle, it is your responsibility to leave a note on the vehicle that includes your name, address and license plate. You must also notify the appropriate authorities. It is important to stay at the scene of an accident that results in injuries; failure to do so could result in the revocation of your drivers license. It is also your responsibility to call for help if necessary. Since a car accident can impede the flow of traffic, and create a dangerous situation for others, you must also take action to remove your car, either by driving it to a safe place or calling in a tow truck.

The DMV website also provides a page with the statistics of state crashes. For example, the page reveals that in 2016 over 910 crashes involved pedestrians, with 667 pedestrian deaths. That same year 140 bicyclists were killed and 505 motorcyclists died on Florida roadways. Also in 2016, alcohol was a factor in over 5220 traffic incidents resulting in 461 deaths. Overall, Florida roadways experiences about 1081 vehicle accidents each day, a number that increased each year from 2014 to 2016.