When will you receive compensation for emotional stress?

If you are an accident victim in Florida, you may claim damages for your injuries and receive enough compensation to cover the cost of your medical bill, lost wages, physical pain, and suffering. In some particular scenarios, you may even get compensation for emotional duress.

After an accident, you may get not only physical injuries but also some emotional duress. These emotions may immensely affect your quality of life negatively. The law courts in Florida may help you get compensation for any psychological damage as a result of an accident.

The law courts of Florida employs an impact rule that claims that you may only receive emotional distress damage only after you have suffered from some form of physical harm. There are, however, some exceptions that may apply to the impact rule. They include:

  • When you sue someone for destroying your reputation through defamation and any other means
  • When you witness a close in proximity accident and get a physical injury later, you may sue the person responsible for emotional distress.
  • When you have medical evidence of your emotional distress that has manifested in physical symptoms
  • When your therapist or psychologist provides testimony

Once you become an accident victim of both visible and non-visible injuries, you may then get the help of an attorney in assessing the circumstance behind every accident and figuring out the best compensation you may get today.

The above information is not legal advice by information meant to educate you on the different scenarios that you may use to cope with and receive compensation for emotional stress.