Backing out of driveway results in fatal accident

When many people think of car accidents that result in death or serious injury, they probably think of collisions on a highway or major roadway. However, most car accidents actually take place in residential areas, with over three-quarters occurring within 15 miles of the victim’s home. 

A woman from Florida was backing out of the driveway of a residence in Middletown, Rhode Island, when she reportedly struck two pedestrians with her vehicle. One was a man of indeterminate age who required transportation to the hospital for serious injuries. The other was an 80-year-old woman who died at the scene. Both victims were residents of Middletown. There is no report of any injury to the driver. 

The accident is still under investigation, and details are somewhat vague. For reasons that are unknown, the woman did not stop her vehicle after allegedly striking the two pedestrians. Rather, the vehicle reportedly continued moving across the street and came to rest after striking the porch of a property on the other side of the road. The accident happened mid-afternoon last Saturday. 

The speed at which the vehicle was traveling while backing out of the driveway is unknown. Authorities have not commented on whether drugs or alcohol could have been a factor in the accident, nor have they expressed any intention to press criminal charges. 

Authorities identified the driver as a Florida woman but offered no explanation as to why she was in Rhode Island at the time of the accident. Car accidents can be devastating for victims and families, who may wish to consult with an attorney regarding legal options.