Who settles your bill after an accident?

After an auto accident, medical bills may be a significant source of stress. If the accident was not your fault, a personal injury settlement might be a good thing to cling on, especially if the verdict is favourable. But with the uncertainty of how long it will take, it may not help solve your current situation.

When you get into an accident, you are responsible for paying your medical bills. An exception applies if your accident happens in a no-fault state like Florida or if the accident involves a medical payment insurance coverage.

Usually, the law requires the person that causes the injury to pay damages. However, your medical bills will be included in the costs if it is a personal injury case. In Florida, your insurer will pay some or all of your medical bills, regardless of who is at fault. The coverage will only be up to the no-fault limit.

According to All law, you will bear the responsibility of your medical bills if it exceeds your no-fault limit. You may choose to file a liability claim against the driver responsible for the accident. You may win the suit, but the process may take too long. You will, however, still need to work out your bills in the meantime.

If you have a medical insurance cover, the insurance company pays for all your bills. The same applies if you are on Medicaid and Medicare; the organizations responsible will take up the tab. If you do not have any health insurance, you will have to settle all your medical bills on your own.