Can you make your premises slip-and-fall-proof?

Slipping and falling in Florida can result in a severe injury. In rare instances, a fall can be fatal, especially if it is an elderly person who falls. 

As such, it is important for you as a property owner to take precautionary measures to protect your guests and clientele. It may not be possible to make it absolutely certain that nobody will ever slip and fall, but there are definitely a lot of things you can do to make your premises safer. 

Active prevention measures 

Grainger advises that if you have employees working in areas where the floor can get slippery or where they will be moving around swiftly, it is a good idea to require them to wear proper slip-resistant shoes. You can also keep the entire property well-lit so that people can see where they are going. 

Once the area is well-lit, it will help people to avoid obstacles that they may trip over, but you should also make sure that you are checking every day to make sure that the area is neat and tidy. This includes not only removing obstacles but also smoothing out folded or skewed carpets and rugs. 

Situations to avoid 

Active prevention is one thing, but you should also have a checklist of things that should not be present on your property. These include slick metal walking surfaces, loose electrical cables, damaged or uneven steps, loose floorboards, uneven floors, open desk drawers, loose dust or powder such as sawdust and wet or greasy floors.