How can road rage endanger others on the road?

As a Florida motorist, you know first-hand how frustrating it can be to get stuck in traffic. This is especially true when trying to get home from a long day of work or attempting to get to an important meeting. 

If you have felt feelings of anger or aggression while behind the wheel, you are not alone. Road rage leads to aggressive driving behaviors, which can also lead to serious motor vehicle accidents. 

A look at the facts 

According to a AAA study, more than 80% of adult American drivers confess that they have felt road rage at some point in time within the past year. In the same study, researchers discovered that nearly eight million drivers exhibited extreme road rage, including targeting other drivers, ramming vehicles and leaving their cars with the intent to hurt others. Furthermore, 56% of deadly car accidents involve at least one type of aggressive driving behavior. 

Keeping an eye out for the signs 

It is critical that you are able to spot the signs of road rage, so you may avoid becoming injured in an accident. Some signs include the following: 

  • Excessive horn honking, yelling expletives or displaying obscene hand gestures 
  • Following too closely or tailgating another vehicle 
  • Racing other vehicles or speeding 
  • Blocking other drivers from changing lanes or cutting off with excessive lane changing 
  • Failing to adhere to traffic signals, traffic signs or pedestrian crosswalks 
  • Making improper turns or turning where prohibited 

Aggressive drivers may fail to use their turn signals, or become physically violent toward other drivers. 

If you should come across a driver with road rage, it is important that you avoid interacting with them. Rather than exchange gestures and works, avoid making eye contact with them. Instead, call law enforcement and let them know about the situation. An officer can handle the situation safely and minimize your risk of getting injured.