Does hands-free technology keep drivers safe?

Florida drivers understand the risks of distracted driving. But what do you do if you need a GPS system for navigation? What if your job depends on message alerts that you receive by phone? Is there any way to make driving with your device less of a risk? 

Hands-free technology came into being to address this problem. But how helpful is it? Can it make the road safe for drivers who use their devices? 

Hands-free tech and your safety 

The National Safety Council asks whether hands-free devices are safe for drivers. Their answer? A resounding no. According to the science of driving, you need three components for a safe trip. First, your hands must stay on the wheel. Second, your eyes must stay on the road. Third, your mind must stay on the task at hand. If even one of these components is missing, your safety is in jeopardy. 

Hands-free technology addresses two of these three components. With voice activation, you do not have to look at your device. You do not need to use the touch screen features. You can navigate through voice alone. But what about your concentration? Does your mind stay on the road? 

The danger of cognitive distraction 

If you focus on a hand-held device, then your mind is not on the road. You are not thinking about driving. You are not paying attention to potential risks. You are only paying attention to your device. It does not matter that you are not looking at it. 

This is crucial for drivers to keep in mind. Are you looking to hands-free devices as a fix for distracted driving? Unfortunately, you may end up disappointed.