Tips for teen drivers

For teenagers, driving is a huge milestone that many teens look forward to. Despite the rush to get behind a wheel, teens need to make sure they are taking proper safety measures. There are plenty of helpful tips that new drivers can follow to keep themselves and other drivers safe.

Reckless driving habits have resulted in six teens dying in motor vehicle accidents every day. It is not always the teen driver’s actions that lead to these fatalities, which is why it pays for a teen to drive safely and be a defensive driver.

What drivers can do to be safe

There are many things a driver can do to protect themselves and their passengers. Here are five essential tips that everyone should follow:

  • Drive sober – if the option to drive sober is not available, find another ride home. A drunk teen calling their parents for a ride is preferable to driving drunk and risking others’ lives.
  • Put the phone away – it is not enough for a teen to say they will not look at their phone if the temptation to use it while driving is too strong. Keep the phone in the glove compartment, so it does not become a distraction.
  • Obey the law – reckless driving habits like speeding, ignoring stop signs, and not using turn signals make the road a dangerous place for other drivers. These risks can cause the teen or another driver to get into an accident, resulting in catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  • Restrict passengers – reducing the number of passengers in the car with a teen driver helps keep the teen’s attention on the road. When passengers become distracting or excited, they can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Keep practicing – having a license does not mean that a teen cannot learn anything new about driving. When they take time to drive with their parent or another experienced driver, they can pick up new skills to stay safe while driving.

It only takes a few moments to think about what a driver can do to stay safe. Remembering these tips can be enough to save a life.

Make sure that you are doing what it takes to stay safe on the road, and take simple steps to protect yourself and others.