Jacksonville crash leaves three dead and two injured

Not all crashes come down to driver negligence, but that does not omit the need to pursue justice. Depending on the nuance and circumstance, victims and their families may still need compensation for injuries or wrongful death. 

First Coast News reports on a two-vehicle accident that left plenty of questions to ask. 

Head-on hydroplaning

A vehicle carrying four people drove southbound before the car hydroplaned, and the driver lost control. The 18-year-old driver collided with an oncoming vehicle in the northbound lane after spinning into its way with the passenger’s side facing against the second vehicle. 

Emergency services took the driver of the second vehicle to the hospital for serious injuries but authorities reported the four people in the first vehicle trapped. After extricating them, one passenger died on-scene while the other two passengers died of their injuries at the hospital. 

The 18-year-old driver suffered critical injuries. Her status now is unknown. 

Weather and control

Inclement weather, as authorities said, played a big part in this accident. It is unclear whether other factors were at play, though. Insurance coverage based on the information and the determination of investigators may cover some of the damages, but what if they do not cover all of it? 

With the driver critically injured and her three passengers dead, the families may have questions. Wrongful death and personal injury claims rarely have clean-cut cases, and insurance companies aim to pay out only what they have to. Physical wellness and financial clarity are often part of the long road to recovery for accident victims.