What should you say to your insurance agent after a car accident?

You were in a car accident recently. As a no-fault state, Florida drivers rely on their own insurance policies to cover accident damages, no matter who bears fault. What should you say to your coverage provider to avoid complications?

USA Today offers tips that may help you. Learn how to put yourself (and your vehicle) on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

Have a physician examine you

While you may feel fine, you could have delayed symptoms and injuries caused by the collision. Rather than take unnecessary medical and financial risks, have a doctor look you over. Should you later realize the accident harmed you, your insurance provider may doubt the incident caused your injuries and deny your claim, leaving you on the hook to cover your resulting medical costs.

Only report what you know

When your agent contacts you for more details about the collision, do not give guesses for answers. It is fine to say, “I do not know.” Also, only answer questions your agent asks. You may feel that extra, unsolicited details help your case, but you could jeopardize your claim by providing additional information.

Do not assume blame

Florida’s no-fault state status does not eliminate the possibility of one party suing the other in the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident. If severe, debilitating or permanent injuries result from the incident, injured individuals can take legal action against the responsible driver. Hopefully, you did not assume blame for the collision at the accident site. Contributing factors may exist that you do not know about. Let the police and insurance companies determine fault.