What motorcycle safety gear should you wear when riding?

Riding motorcycles offers efficient transportation, a thrill and other benefits. However, it also comes with risks. Crashing into other vehicles or falling may result in serious injuries or death. 

Wearing the right gear when you ride, may offer you essential protection. 

Protecting your head, eyes and face

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, your motorcycle riding safety gear should include a well-fitted helmet. A quality motorcycle helmet may help absorb impact in the event of a crash, which may protect your head and brain from potentially serious or catastrophic injuries. 

You may choose to wear a full-face or a three-quarter or open-face helmet. Wearing a helmet with a face shield, in addition to goggles, may keep dirt, stones and other such debris from striking you in the face or eyes while riding. 

Protecting your hearing

Although you may not realize it, you expose your ears to potentially damaging noise while riding your motorcycle. In some cases, this may result in permanent hearing loss. Using earplugs when you ride may help cut down on the wind and engine noise, without also blocking out important sounds such as the vehicles around you or sirens. 

Protecting your body

When dressing for a ride, you should clothing that will keep you comfortable and offer protection to your body in the event of an accident. For example, wearing over-the-ankle boots with low heels may help protect your feet and ankles from injuries. Leather clothing or jackets and pants made of synthetic material designed for motorcyclists may create a layer of armor to aid in safeguarding you from abrasions and other serious injuries. Gloves may protect your hands from the elements, wind and flying debris while riding, as well as from the asphalt and hot vehicle parts if you crash.