Is eating while driving dangerous?

If asked to picture a distracted driver, the majority of Americans would probably think about a teenager with a cell phone behind the wheel. While this is a common form of distracted driving, there are many ways Americans drive with their eyes off the road.

In fact, eating while driving may be a more common distraction than cell phones are. Many people believe that eating while driving is harmless, but the statistics say otherwise. According to Decide to Drive, a driver that is eating or drinking behind the wheel is almost four times more likely to be in an automobile crash as compared to drivers who are not doing this.

What are the most dangerous foods?

Eating or drinking anything at all while driving counts as a distraction, but there are some foods and beverages more likely to show up in car accidents than others. These foods and beverages include coffee, fried chicken, powdered or cream-filled donuts, barbecued food, tacos, soups, hamburgers, chocolate and soft drinks.

How can I prevent eating while driving?

Giving yourself enough time in the morning to get where you need to be is imperative. Many people decide to eat and drive when they are rushing to work. Starting your day 20 minutes earlier can help you prevent multitasking in your vehicle.

If you are on a road trip, consider packing your own food and pulling off at rest areas to eat. Not only will this prevent eating while driving, it will also save you money and likely give you healthier options as compared to what is available at a drive-thru.