4 tips for driving in a construction zone

It always seems to be the season for road construction in and around Port St. Lucie. Because construction zones often have reduced speed limits, different traffic patterns and workers, they can be dangerous places for motorists. In fact, in 2019, there were 62 fatal crashes in construction zones in the Sunshine State alone.  

With alert and defensive driving, it is possible to move through a construction zone without endangering yourself, your passengers, pedestrians or construction workers. Here are four tips for driving in a Florida construction zone. 

1. Reduce your speed

Inside a construction zone, you may encounter uneven pavement, traffic cones, road debris or a flagger. Reducing your speed to posted limits may not only help you better control your vehicle, but it may also save you the expense of a costly construction zone speeding ticket.  

2. Assume you know nothing

If you regularly travel the same stretches of roadway, you may feel like you know the road well enough to drive with your eyes closed. Construction zones, though, may have blocked lanes, closed exits, detours and other unfamiliar traffic patterns. Expecting the unexpected and assuming you know nothing about the construction zone may keep you safe. 

3. Watch the signs

Construction workers use signs to communicate with motorists. When you are approaching the construction zone, pay special attention to all signs. Also, if there is a flagger, obey his or her instructions.  

4. Give yourself some space

While tailgating is usually a bad idea, doing so in a construction zone may be deadly. After all, the driver in front of you may behave unpredictably. Putting a few extra car lengths between your vehicle and others gives you plenty of time to stop if necessary.  

Even with defensive driving, you may eventually find yourself in the middle of a serious traffic accident in a construction zone. Fortunately, if someone else caused or contributed to the collision, you may be eligible for financial compensation to help you move on with your life.