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The expenses meant to be covered by child support

If a Floridian ever spends much time around a party who pays an ex-spouse child support, it is likely that at one point or another there has been mention of some disapproval in the way the money is spent. However, the receiving party may not always be in the wrong in what he or she chooses to purchase or pay for with child support funds.

Child support and parenting time calculations

The amount of time a child spends with a parent is known as "parenting time" and it is calculated based on the amount of overnight visits a child spends with a parent within a 365 day period. Those nights are broken down into a percentage. For example, if a child spends 80 nights out of a year with one parent, then that parent maintains 22 percent parenting time.

Tips for locating a deadbeat parent

In Florida, more children than ever are being born to unmarried couples. Getting married is a personal choice that does not affect an ability to raise children. However, staying unmarried does make it easier for one spouse to disappear if he or she does not wish to parent or pay any expenses for the children. In other words, to avoid paying child support when he or she decides to no longer be a part of the relationship.

Medical expenses and child support

Ongoing medical expenses for a sick or disabled child can add up very quickly, especially for families with no insurance. When calculating child support payments, it is of vital importance that current, as well as future expenses, be taken into account to ensure there is money available when bills arrive.

Keep detailed records of support payments

Most Florida residents have a good understanding of their monthly income and expenses. They may track their spending through their online credit card and bank statements, or they may maintain a ledger that informs them of the checks they have written over the course of the last few months. They may hold onto receipts and payment slips until they know that payments have been processed, so that they are prepared to handle any disputes regarding such matters.

Addressing the divorce-related concerns of divorcing couples

As this blog recently discussed, half of all marriages end in divorce. Because of this, it is essential for divorcing couples to be familiar with family law resources to help them with their divorce process and to guide them through it so that the process can be as positive as possible for the family.

Does my child's graduation mean I can stop paying their support?

Children can have drastically different needs and, for this reason, the child support orders that Florida courts issue can look very different. In general, though, a child support order may terminate a parent's requirement to pay when the child reaches the age of 18 or 19 and graduates from high school. However, individuals should look at their own child support orders for information regarding their particular rights and obligations.