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New baby? Time to tweak your estate plan

With all the celebrations surrounding the birth of a baby, it's easy to forget that the parents need to update their estate plan to reflect this happy event. For some couples, this could mean drafting the documents that form the basis of a rudimentary estate plan when none is already in place.

Estate planning is not just for the elderly

Just because you may not be a facing your retirement in the next few years, doesn't mean that you can't benefit from beginning your estate plan now. In fact, too many young and middle-aged men and women miss out on good opportunities because they believe that they shouldn't have to deal with things like estate planning yet.

Getting married? Estate planning should be part of the process

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is an exciting time in someone's life. It can be easy to get caught up in the details of the big day and the honeymoon that comes after it without actually putting much thought to the future. Whether you're updating your existing will to include your future spouse or creating the first will you've ever had, the estate planning process can be a great way to cement your future with your intended spouse. Far from being morbid, deciding to work together to put an estate plan in place is a great way to illustrate your mutual dedication to the happiness and health of one another, even after death or a disabling accident.

How does religion play into estate planning?

Religious beliefs have a long reach when it comes to estate planning. They can impact a wide variety of estate planning decisions, such as your end-of-life healthcare instructions; your stance on organ donation; funeral instructions, including burial or cremation; and how you want to distribute assets among your loved ones and charities.

Protecting your digital assets

When most people hear the phrase "estate planning," they typically envision drafting wills and trusts for matters of an earthly estate. As more and more individuals create friendships, build databases and develop marketplaces online, however, the concept of protecting of one's property now extends from the tangible to the digital realm. In the past, such attempts to access online accounts by family members of the deceased were prevented by guidelines established by host companies. Such restrictions hampered executors from opening emails, paying bills or collecting money for business conducted via the internet.

Estate Planning - Too Soon To Plan Ahead?

It's human nature to procrastinate. From a young age, we put-off doing those things we find unpleasant or deem unnecessary - from doing homework in middle school to paying taxes and taking out the trash as an adult. As the saying goes, "Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow"?

You don't need to be retired to think about an estate plan

Have you thought about your estate plan today? Do you even have an estate plan in place just in case the worst should happen? If you're like a lot of Millennials and some Gen Xers, you may have answered no to these two questions. That's because many in this age group associate estate planning with retirement age. But as the famous insurance commercial explains: that's not how this works.