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After my divorce, will I have to pay alimony forever?

It is important that readers of this family law blog understand that alimony, also known as spousal support, does not apply to all Florida divorces. In some cases, the parties to the ending marriage may elect to forego spousal support and rely on their own incomes following the termination of their legal relationships. In other cases, however, one partner to an ending marriage may need financial help to start their life over on their own.

Psychologist notes traits that suggest likelihood of divorce

If you have not experienced divorce for yourself, then you likely know someone who has gone through the process to legally end their relationship with their spouse. Couples throughout Florida decide to break up for a number of reasons, and those reasons can range across a vast spectrum of topics.

Is my spouse entitled to half of my property if we divorce?

It is a common misconception that when two people end a marriage, the property that they own will always be evenly divided and distributed to the individuals following their divorce. While in some states, the concept of community property and equal ownership are the law, this is not the case in Florida. Rather than making an exact split down the middle of a couple's shared property, a Florida court will examine a number of factors before determining how the parties' property should be handled.

What types of alimony are available in Florida?

Not every high asset marriage ends with the parties emerging with equal shares in their apparently vast wealth. Depending upon the presence of prenuptial agreements, the manner in which assets were held or used during the marriage and other factors a Florida resident who lived a wealthy married life may find that their financial power diminishes significantly after their relationship is over.

Designer, producer head for high asset divorce

She is a designer for an international fashion house. He is the producer of some of modern history's greatest films. Floridians may know the names Georgina Chapman and Harvey Weinstein for their professional accomplishments, but now the pair is in the news because Chapman has decided to end their nearly decade-long marriage.

Television star, wife, come to temporary support order

The process of separating one's life from that of their marital partner can take some time. Florida couples that choose to divorce may have to endure months of negotiations before their final decrees of divorce are issued by the courts. During that time, the partners may begin to live their separate lives even though technically they are still wed.

How important is it to disclose all assets during my divorce?

When two Floridians take the plunge and unite themselves together in marriage, they are doing more than creating a legal bond. In many cases, marriage means comingling assets, sharing in each other's wealth and working together through each other's hardships; taking on each other's responsibilities while sharing in each other's windfalls. Marriages often have a financial component that is guided by the actions of the partners to the couples, and when marriages end in divorce, the economic matters to be settled can therefore be significant.

Real estate developer and wife plan to divorce

All couples experience challenges that threaten the stability of their marriages and make them consider how best to salvage their relationships. For some Floridians, hard work and understanding help them to remedy the problems that arise between them and their partners. For others, there are no options to fix the issues that develop between their spouses and them.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris end 8-year marriage

Money does not always make things better. In some situations, having money can make things more difficult. Take for example the legal separation or divorce of a highly compensated power couple, the partners to which both earn significant incomes and who share assets in the millions of dollars. Although the partners to this scenario may be able to provide for themselves when their marriage is over, they may struggle to come to an agreement about property division while working out the details of their settlement agreement.

Florida couple begins high asset divorce

When most couples prepare to divorce, they inventory the matters that they will have to work out before the partners may untangle their lives from each other. For example, Floridians may discuss who will take their house, how their children will be shared regarding custody and visitation time, and if either of them will request spousal support from the other. These matters are incredibly important and require individuals to prioritize what is important to them and fight for what they need.