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Study finds running red lights is on the rise

During childhood, many Florida residents learn to associate one color with the action of stopping: red. That is because the familiar octagon-shaped stop signs that punctuate roads and streets throughout the country are a bright red hue, and so are the traffic lights that shine red to indicate that it is time for drivers to stop. Red lights and stop signs are important to keep drivers and others on the roads safe, and when drivers fail to slow and stop when they see red indicators, they can put themselves and others in the path of harm.

Diverse injuries may follow a Florida car accident

Automakers often release new vehicles that claim to be the safest cars, trucks, or SUVs available to consumers. While it is true that safety features in vehicles have made them better equipped to protect drivers and passengers when collisions happen, accidents still occur and Florida residents still get hurt when they do. A multitude of factors can influence how serious a car accident is, and, as a result, a range of injuries can occur when individuals are involved in accidents.

Police chase ends with death of Florida motorcyclist

It is an unfortunate fact that not everyone who drives on Florida's network of roads and freeways does so in a responsible and law-abiding manner. In fact, some drivers who operate on the roads of the state do so recklessly and without any regard for the safety of others. Not long ago Florida law enforcement officials were involved in a vehicle pursuit that tragically ended with the death of a Port St. Lucie man.