Three Things To Know About Property Division

Three Need-To-Know Facts About Property Division

Every couple comes to property division negotiations with a different dynamic and context. Even the most amiable divorcees can experience contention when deciding who takes which properties or investments. Attorneys Roger and Steven Messer are compassionate and practical. We help you find solutions you can rely upon and that take your personal needs into consideration.

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There Is No Substitute For A Full Accounting

Many couples think they understand the full range of assets. But many items are subject to divorce, including jointly held homes, income and investments. Even pensions are subject to property division. Accurate accounting of your assets is key to ensuring fair distribution.

You Can Negotiate

There are many instances where you may want to keep an asset in full, such as your house or a retirement account. In some cases, we can negotiate with your former spouse to keep that asset whole in exchange for other property.

Some Things Are Not Subject To Property Division

In some cases, your property may be protected from division. Only marital property can be divided during a divorce. This means that if you acquired property prior to marriage, inherited property or otherwise received gifts just for you, you may be able to maintain that property in whole.

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