FAQ On Vehicle Accidents

Common Questions People Ask After A Road Accident

Vehicle accidents are disorienting events. It is easy to panic or to be unsure about how to approach the situation. Below is a list of questions people ask our attorneys most frequently. While none of the advice below is comprehensive, it offers a starting point to protect yourself and a loved one after an accident.

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What Do I Say To The Other Driver?

First, ask if anyone needs emergency medical attention. Do not apologize or admit fault. Instead, call for the police and begin collecting contact information. This will help protect your future insurance claim and ensure immediate needs receive proper attention.

What Information Do I Need?

The more information, the better. Ideally, you will collect the other parties’ full and complete contact information, insurance information, license plate, passenger names and photographs of the scene and both cars.

What Happens If I Contributed To The Accident?

If both parties are negligent while driving, Florida law will use comparative fault to determine liability. The courts will determine what percentage of the fault is yours. The other driver is responsible for your losses in proportion to their fault. This can be confusing to many people. For specific guidance, call our office at 866-789-9936.

Do I Actually Need A Lawyer?

Yes. An experienced lawyer can help you collect full compensation for your medical care and other relevant needs and expenses. Without an attorney, insurance companies will likely take advantage of your case and undervalue or deny your settlement. Email our firm today to find out how we can help you.