Injuries Caused By Drunk Drivers

Injured By A Drunk Driver? — Get The Compensation You Deserve

Drunk drivers are responsible for thousands of car accidents across the country every year with many of them resulting in serious injuries and even death. If you have sustained a serious injury as a result of a drunk driver’s negligence, you need an attorney in your corner who is dedicated to getting you the full compensation you deserve.

At Messer & Messer Law Offices, we have not and do not represent drunk drivers. We represent victims and the families of their victims. When you’re hit by a drunk driver you may be able to gain punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages. We can help you determine your rights and aggressively pursue justice on your behalf.

Injured in a car accident by a drunk driver? Don’t sign anything before talking to us. Call 772-204-0904 or toll-free 866-789-9936 today to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer. There are no fees or cost until we win for you.

Experience Cannot Be Taught

Our firm brings something to this area of law that cannot be taught: experience. Having handled thousands of cases and conducted over 100 civil jury trials, we know what it takes to win for our clients. Our knowledgeable attorneys have a reputation for getting results for injury victims and have conducted lectures on drunk driving accidents for the Florida Justice Association.

In a 2009 trial involving a drunk driving victim, the case we obtained a $534,000 verdict for a seriously injured client — where the pretrial offer was $25,000. After the appeal the defense paid us attorneys fees and the verdict plus interest totaling over $730,000 because the insurance company was acting in bad faith. Because no two cases are exactly the same, the results of each case will differ based upon the unique facts of each case; specific results are not guaranteed. To view additional case results visit our representative verdicts and settlements page.

What You Need To Do

After your injury, the first step is to contact us. We begin gathering evidence and take pictures of the scene before it disappears. We do everything to properly prepare your case. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you may be able to collect compensation even if the driver was uninsured. However, you can still sue the drunk driver for the damage they have caused. Juries do not look kindly on drunk driving and you deserve to be compensated. We often seek punitive damages against drunk drivers, as the law allows you to do.

To begin pursuing the compensation you deserve, contact us today to arrange a consultation with an attorney.