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8 injuries that might occur in a car crash

The force of a car crash and the aftermath of the crash often leave victims feeling sore. In some cases, the damage is much more severe than just a little soreness. Victims of car crashes should consider these eight possible injuries that can occur because of a car crash. Some of these injuries might not appear until after the crash, so be sure to remain vigilant for days and weeks.

4 ways a brain injury can change your spouse's personality

For family members of those who are injured, one of the hardest things about a brain injury is that it can change the person's personality - sometimes forever. Maybe you've known your spouse since college, you've been married for a few years, and you feel like you know each other as deeply and completely as you've ever known anyone. If your spouse suffers a brain injury, he or she may feel like a completely different person.

3 tips for mothers coping with a child's spinal cord injury

Seeing your child in pain is something that no mother wants to experience. If your child suffers a spinal cord injury in a car accident or any other type of accident, you will likely see your child struggle greatly. When this happens, there are some ways that you can help yourself and your child adapt to a new way of life.

3 facts about post-traumatic stress disorder after a crash

While physical injuries are often the most obvious injury associated with a car accident, the emotional trauma that a person suffers can be just as devastating and life altering. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one mental health issue that can occur after a car crash. This is a condition that is treatable, but is often misunderstood.

How to recover your losses after a traumatic brain injury in Florida

The brain contains the very essence of who we are as human beings. It is responsible for movement, sensation, thoughts and emotions, and it stores our most precious memories. If injured, everything about our lives is in jeopardy.