Dog Bites

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Dog bites and attacks are some of the most gruesome injuries that anyone can suffer. Even more tragic, children are the most common victims of dog bites. Dog bite victims are often left with deep scars, both physically and psychologically, and some victims are even killed in dog attacks. At Messer & Messer Law Offices, we stand up for the victims of dog bites and other animal attacks in Florida, fighting to obtain the full compensation our clients are entitled to for pain and suffering, medical expenses and other damages. You can rest easily knowing that lawyers with more than 100 trials under their belt will be handling your case and being your strongest advocate. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a dog bite, the time to act is now. Call 772-204-0904 or toll-free 866-789-9936 to schedule a consultation with our Port St. Lucie dog bite injury attorneys.

Treasure Coast Animal Attack Attorneys

Our attorneys understand what it takes to build an effective case for our clients. We will fight hard for what you deserve and never press you to accept a settlement that is not in your best interest.

We will make sure that any settlement fully compensates you for the care you need today and in the future. The scarring that results from these injuries often requires follow-up surgeries and other expensive procedures. Beyond the cost of medical procedures, we will fight to make sure you are compensated from the mental anguish that often accompanies scarring and disfigurement.

“But I Don’t Want To Sue My Friend”

Unfortunately, dog bite cases often involve dogs that the victims are familiar with that are owned by a family member or friend. It is understandably a difficult situation to be in. However, you need to realize that these claims are brought against homeowners insurance policies, not directly against the owner of the offending animal.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt by a dog bite, it is important to get the compensation you need to be made whole again. We can help you pursue your rights. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.